Welcome to Com S 127 Lab 1

See https://xkcd.com/353/

This weekly lab is a required component of Computer Science 127. The purpose of the lab is to give you a chance to try things hands-on, in a smaller group than the lectures, where there are people around to talk to and a TA present to answer questions.

How it works

The lab may be a self-paced tutorial or we may ask you to work in pairs or in a small group. The lab will instruct you to try out many things, and those instructions marked as checkpoints will be used for grading. When you finish the instructions in a checkpoint, you will need to raise your hand and a TA will come over and check off your work. (Of course, if the TA is busy, you can continue working on the next task!)

Working together in lab

While working during the scheduled lab period, you are always encouraged to work together and discuss things with the people next to you and the TA. The lab period is a good time to try things and ask questions.

Goals for today

There isn't much about programming as such just yet. In today's lab, we want to make sure you can: